I know reddit knows about this blog, and I know I have at LEAST one hate-follower, and I don’t give half a shit.

It’s not necessarily that you’re hated, it’s that you’re an idiot, but you’re not just an idiot, you’re one of those dangerous idiots. Here’s an example of what you post regularly on your blog:

Boys feel entitled to girls’ bodies and space from a ridiculously young age. I work mainly with second graders, and I see some really nasty shit.

Last week a girl was sitting on the floor while most of the kids were standing in line. The boy standing behind her put both his arms up in the air, made his hands into claws, leaned over her head, and roared at her for no fucking reason. Immediately afterwards, another boy came up to the same girl and ruffled her hair with both hands without asking. He didn’t even know her. Rape culture starts early.

Any sane person will be aghast at how someone can not only compare young, prepubescent children’s playing to rape, but also belittling actual rape victims by comparing something as horrifying as rape to insignificant, every day activities.

Here is what I want you to do. I want you to take a deep breath, and go put on a movie. Make some tea or hot chocolate if you want. I want you to calm down and focus on happy things, like music, nature, even skateboarding if you want, or drawing, anything really. It’s not right for someone to live in constant, everyday fear of what “men” will do to them, especially when you live in a first world country. And it’s definitely not right to try to rationalize your fear with pseudo-feminism. It’s an insult to those who live in places like the middle east where women actually don’t have equal rights.

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