[tw: rape culture] Rape-culture-deniers to add to your ignore lists:


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  • CHVNX (starting and ending the list with this person because they decided to send me some threats)
  • phobos95
  • digitalloveletterstoyou (who is hate-following me)
  • spectacle-cleft
  • imnothipimjuststupid
  • luluzion
  • ethanfromestoboggan
  • dragredder
  • singslowlyinstarfort
  • the-ol-lickaroo
  • guppyfighter
  • tallest9
  • makesflippantcomments
  • tazmily228 (also an ableist and a hate-follower)
  • suicldol
  • penny—-lane
  • britishscone
  • kaiteekay
  • moviefigure
  • apocalypseice
  • colaeuphoria
  • CHVNX (!!! who sent me threats about reddit finding a way to get me fired, is a racist and an ableist, and sent me some really nasty shit*)

* “To be honest, you sound like a direct threat to these children. I don’t thinks someone who considers children playing *rape culture* should even be allowed to supervise children, let alone be around them. Rape culture is real, but your delusions are not. Maybe you need to see a therapist and have your issues dealt with, instead of projecting your paranoia onto children.”

Holy shit. I’ve been officially marked “not clinically insane!” Thanks for the honor. <3